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Facing a DUI in the state of Massachusetts can be a frightening experience with the possibility of losing your driver’s license, major fines, and even time spent in jail.
Just because you have been arrested does not mean you will be convicted. If you or someone you know have been through this traumatic event, contact DUI Attorney Edward Sharkansky to help you get your life back on track.

Massachusetts DUI Attorney

Answers to Most Common Questions from DUI Clients

Watch Attorney Edward Sharkansky share his top 5 answers to the most common questions from DUI clients.

Massachusetts DUI Attorney

Protecting Your Rights

Watch Attorney Edward Sharkansky give advice with his top 5 tips for protecting your rights in Massachusetts and being a responsible driver.

Massachusetts DUI Attorney

Why Choose Edward Sharkansky

Massachusetts DUI Attorney

Attorney Edward Sharkansky has over 20 years of courtroom experience beginning as a prosecutor in the district attorney’s office. From those experiences he opened his own practice as a defense attorney over 15 years ago, providing his legal expertise as a defense and DUI attorney to hundreds of defendants from all walks of life throughout the commonwealth of Massachusetts. As your DUI attorney, he will work with you throughout the entire process so you know and understand the trial process and defense strategy, and to help calm you so you can breathe again. Attorney Edward Sharkansky has the knowledge and experience defending people charged with operating under the influence and other criminal charges.


He has had numerous successes in recovering driver’s licenses for his clients and in obtaining acquittals for clients accused of DUI. Due to his experience and expertise in this area of law, Mr. Sharkansky has also lectured at various seminars sponsored by the Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (the organization responsible for providing attorneys with information regarding constant changes in law), the Massachusetts Bar Association, and Suffolk University School of Law.

Massachusetts DUI Attorney

Attorney Edward Sharkansky’s experience as a seasoned DUI attorney is invaluable. He is available 24/7, and it doesn’t cost you anything to speak
with him.


Contact the Law Offices of Edward Sharkansky today at 888-54-SHARK to schedule
an initial consultation.

Massachusetts DUI Attorney

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