About Edward Sharkansky

Edward Sharkansky is a graduate of the George Washington University and received his Juris Doctor from the Northeastern University School of Law.

He began practicing as a prosecutor with the Plymouth County District Attorney’s Office prior to opening his current practice in 1997.  Since then, he has transformed his firm into a successful trial defense attorney office, specializing in helping hundreds of people who have been charged with a DUI.

Attorney Sharkansky has the unique experience from both sides of the court, and the knowledge to help calm you and arm you with the information you need to know to help you get your life back, such as:

  • What the court appearance will be like
  • How long the case will be
  • What the potential penalties are
  • Your defense strategy
  • How Attorney Sharkansky will work with you through this frightening experience.

Edward Sharkansky has worked as a defense attorney all over Eastern Massachusetts; from Cape Cod up to Amesbury, from Boston out to Worcester, and everywhere in between.  He has proven success in license recovery, and acquittals for clients arrested for DUI.

Family Law Attorney:

Attorney Edward Sharkansky also practices in family law, and has helped hundreds of families faced with legal issues.  Family law can also involve a wide-range of complex problems that can not only be extremely difficult to make sense of, but also hard to handle from an emotional standpoint.  Attorney Edward Sharkansky is well aware of, and appreciates the fact that there is really nothing that is more important to you than your family, and those you love. So when family problems such as divorce or custody issues come up and aren’t able to be settled amongst the parties, those issues will have to be taken to the court system.

Click here to visit Attorney Edward Sharkansky’s family law website.


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