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Located in Brockton Massachusetts, the law firm of Ed Sharkansky provides legal counsel to person’s charged with DWI, or have been convicted of drunk driving charges. Our goal is to ensure you are well informed before making pleas in court. We’re conveniently located in Brockton (Plymouth County) but serve anyone in the greater Boston region.

Massachusetts state prosecutors and assistants may not offer good advice and may not particularly care about you after you’ve been charged with DUI. The police and courts may believe you are guilty after being charged. It is a DWI attorney’s job to ensure correct procedure has been followed and that you’ve been informed of your rights. The Massachusetts court system is burdened by insufficient funding and administrative errors, and sometimes incompetence. This is the real world and not likely anything you’ve seen on television. Remember that prosecutors have little time to consider what errors might do to your life. Their job is to follow procedure efficiently and that procedure whether flawed or not, is to affect a DWI conviction. This is why you must have the best Brockton DUI and DWI defense lawyer or attorney in Brockton, Massachusetts.

The court penalties and stigma associated with DWI charges create an emotionally charged atmosphere where reason does not always prevail. The circumstances are such that events and statements are left to interpretation and the person charged with drunk driving may have their statements interpreted wrongly or even have the truth twisted. This is why a good Brockton DUI lawyer is essential to help you receive fair treatment and not be railroaded into admissions and ill-advised decisions.

Sometimes Brockton drivers that are facing drunk driving charges behave in ways that are not conducive to their defense including utterance of statements of responsibility for which they should not be making. Those charged with DUI offenses should not admit guilt or plead guilty without consulting with a DUI attorney. Consultation with a qualified Massachusetts attorney assures you receive counsel that will maximize your chances of acquittal or reduced OUI charges.

The situation where you have been involved in an accident while someone has been injured or killed demands immediate attention and the counsel of a good Brockton DUI lawyer such as Ed Sharkansky Ed knows the procedure, protocol and emotional issues surrounding drunk driving charges and wants to ensure you get the best counsel possible.


DWI (driving while intoxicated) charges in MA can range from severe financial penalties to imprisonment. There are ongoing negative results from a MA DUI conviction. An inability to travel outside the US and restrictions on driving, along with an inability to gain employment.

At your OUI hearing, you have the option of pleading guilty and perhaps receiving a lesser sentence. There are a number of good reasons not to enter a plea of not guilty. The charges against you will not likely be less severe so don’t count on the mercy of the courts. The best decision is to find and talk with a good Boston DUI attorney or MA OUI Attorney who can give you sound legal counsel and fight to ensure your rights are protected and you receive the minimal DUI drunk driving sentence. An experienced MA DUI lawyer is worth the cost. Think of it as an investment in your future. A criminal lawyer and attorney in Brockton can save you a lot of fines, extended jail time, and to avoid mistakes that can do you serious harm. Without an experienced MA OUI lawyer, you may pay the price in the courts.

Police departments face financial cuts, and cost cutting can affect everything from police procedure to equipment maintenance. These issues will not be communicated to you, nor referred to you by the police or courts. The only issue for a prosecuting Massachusetts attorney is get a conviction. Your Brockon DUI lawyer is working to ensure you get every chance for an acquittal.


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